"Is a luxury handbag forever? No, it's for rent." - RentFashionBag on IO DONNA - Corriere della Sera

Is a luxury bag forever? No, it's for rent.
Luxury handbags to hire. The Italian online bag renting service to try.


Stock market prices go up. And the numbers of fashion renting.

Oh yes, because today the market is more inaccessible than ever. If the rise in stock market prices is nothing new, the inflation of the last period is record breaking. Rises that do not go hand in hand with the purchasing power of consumers, who are so more inclined to test new habits in order to get their hands, at least for a few days, on the bag of their dreams.

Rent Fashion Bag aims to build loyalty with a minimum cost subscription, which however entitles those who deal with it to rent bags at a discounted price. Subscribers have a priority waiting list and a more favorable rental price.



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