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To rent? It's a deal

In time of sharing economy it is better to be able to use than to own. Here's who, on the rental, made a successful business: in the B2B sector or in the private sector on luxury goods: bags, clothes and accessories of high level.


In recent years the sharing economy has grown a lot. The numbers say it. The business models to which they are inspired are many: among these there is the rental that, thanks to digital innovation, offers different possibilities of profit. Today, through web platforms and apps, you can easily and quickly hire with just a few clicks: from cars to designer bags, from clothes to vegetable gardens.

Consumers really like this system where they are increasingly willing to buy experiences instead of products and services. The economic crisis and the globalization have changed the approach to the use of things: the concept of property in recent years has been replaced by that of possession.

More than ever, now it is necessary to use talent and fantasy in order to grant a habit sometimes, and makes its way to the world, the bag rental website Rentfashionbag.com...

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