How to rent

1 ) Choose from our luxury bags.

2 ) Decide how long you want to rent.

3 ) Please effectuate the payment with your credit card.

4 ) Use the luxury bag you chose.

5 ) At the end of the rental period return the bag.


RentFashionBag hopes that you will use the bags rented with care and you take all the necessary precautions to avoid damage.

We recommend you:

• protect your luxury bag from humidity, avoid contact with liquids, hand cream, hand sanitizer, colorful clothes (jeans in particular), make-up and perfumes;

• protect it against the rain. If the bag comes into contact with water, it must be dabbed gently with a dry cloth, not fluffy, light-colored absorbent cloth;

• avoid prolonged sun exposure because will alter the color;

• be careful not to rub your bag against abrasive surfaces or coarse;

• store it in the protective bag.


Rent Fashion Bag also allows you to extend the rental.





COVID19: Our bags are carefully sanitified with professional detergents in compliance with the current health regulations. We also regularly sanitize our office and our warehouse after each access.