"Rental garments: 5 fashion rental platforms" - RentFashionBag on Amica

Rental or fashion renting is the new frontier of fashion, where fashion and sustainability are now in a very close contact, this system is starting to develop everywhere, even in Italy. But how does it work?

"Want to wear something new for your holidays?" - RentFashionBag on IL MESSAGGERO MODA

And then, if you want to show off an it-bag for a few days, you can rely on Rent Fashion Bag, which aims to make designers bags accessible to everyone.

"Are you dreaming to wear an it-bag for one single day? It's not impossible, just rent it!" - RentFashionBag on Donna Glamour

While waiting to be able to afford and buy even just one luxury handbag, for special events we can wear our favourite designer bag thanks to bag rental.

"Clothes and accessories to hire: addresses and websites for the fashion renting" - RentFashionBag on VOGUE ITALIA

Clothes and accessories to rent, not only for a wedding or an event. You no longer have to wait for the "special" or formal occasion to share the wardrobe: the (sustainable) fashion of fashion renting.. .

"To rent? It' s a deal" - RentFashionBag on VANITY FAIR

In time of sharing economy it is better to be able to use than to own. Here's who, on the rental, has made a successful business: from designer handbags to haute couture dresses, from vegetable gardens to strollers..

"A list of Italian websites where you can rent designer dresses and purses" - RentFashionBag on

And you can realize your dream of wearing a designer accessory without spending a fortune!

"Boom of clothes and accessories for hire, to dress like the stars on the red carpet" - RentFashionBag on Corriere della Sera

The passion for renting could not invest the fashion. From Chanel to Jimmy Choo, the luxury handbags for rent are on!

"Would you like a designer handbag? Why not to rent it" - RentFashionBag on LA STAMPA MODA

It is expanding more and more the it-bag rental market to show off a trendy accessory saving money by not paying it a fortune....

"Bag Borrow Rent Fashion Bag" - RentFashionBag on It-Girl by Eleonora Petrella

Weddings, graduations, dinners... one thousand special occasions in which we would like to be perfect. Rent Fashion Bag is the solution to those circumstances where we would like one of those fashion designer bag and super desired...

"Bags for rent! Cinema or reality?" - RentFashionBag on Blog and The City

Do you remember the assistant of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City? Her name was Louise and surprised Carrie telling her that her bag Louis Vuitton was actually for rent....

"Christmas shopping with Céline Boston" - RentFashionBag on blog Dressing&Toppings

Melania Migliozzi has chosen a sporty outfit with the beautiful designer handbag Celine Boston for her Christmas shopping...

"Céline Boston: Elegant Outfit" - RentFashionBag on Dressing&Toppings blog

Romantic outfit for Melania Migliozzi spotted wearing a dress with the timeless designer handbag Céline Boston.

"A casual look with designer handbag Louis Vuitton Alma" - RentFashionBag on Dressing&Toppings blog

The selection of Melania Migliozzi to wear a casual outfit with a designer bag Louis Vuitton.

"Don' t buy, rent handbags" - Paperblog for Rent Fashion Bag

Another article on Rent Fashion Bag.

"Obsession for designer handbags" - RentFashionBag on Sbirilla blog

Sbirilla and her obsession for designer handbags.

"Dreams are wishes" - RentFashionBag on M.O.M.A. Style

Alessandra and her love for designer handbags.

"My Happy Birthday with a Chanel handbag in Paris" - RentFashionBag in In the Mood for Love blog

Perfect Birthday.

Total White & the handbag to rent Louis Vuitton Alma - RentFashionBag on Dressing&Toppings blog

The outfit for summer.

Into the Glamour - Beautiful handbags for all of us

Read what Miriam writes about RentFashionBag.

Style to rent - StarLight Blog for Rent Fashion Bag

Another article on Rent Fashion Bag.

"Rent Fashion Bag: luxury handbags to rent" - RentFashionBag on blog Moms with Stiletto Heels

The article of interesting blog Moms with Stiletto Heels in which, Laura Ciccioli, tells her "Insights" for Rent Fashion Bag and the rental of luxury handbags.

"Luxury handbags for all" - RentFashionBag on Fedelicious Magazine

Luxury Bags for everyone! Style is accessible to everyone with Rent Fashion Bag. Here is the article written by the Fedelicious Magazine about our fantastic handbags for rent.

"Parisian Weekend / Rouge Vintage" - RentFashionBag on journal Corriere della Moda

The finesse and freshness of Gresy on journal Corriere della Moda: Parisian Weekend & Rouge Vintage outfits with the hangbag Yves Saint Laurent Sac De Jour rented with RentFashionBag.

"Rent a beautiful designer handbag thanks to RentFashionBag" - RentFashionBag on Emme Blog

History of our feminine dreams: luxury handbags for rent.

"Designer Handbag for rent Stella McCartney Falabella" - RentFashionBag on blog The Red Girl Smile

What is the it-bag that is right for you? Experience by renting your perfect designer handbag with Rent Fashion Bag as did Julia of blog The Red Girl Smile.

"Rent Fashion Bag: luxury designer handbags… to rent!" - RentFashionBag on

Do you love designer handbags and would like to wear them all? Read what says about us.

"RentFashionBag: my week with the hired designer handbag Céline Boston Bag" - RentFashionBag on the blog Look and the City

The experience of Valentina Look & the City with our handbag for rent Céline.

"Designer handbags for rent" - Interview with Laura Ciccioli on Corriere Adriatico journal in date 30/11/2013

Online the e-commerce website of designer handbags for rent to fulfill the dream of every woman: "own" at a reasonable cost and for as long as you want, designer handbags.

PRESS RELEASE: Realize your dream and rent your favourite designer handbag with Rent Fashion Bag

In November 25, 2013 an interesting new site overlooking the panorama of Luxury Fashion is online. The site is dedicated to the rental of designer handbags, it makes these status symbols accessible to all. The e-shop, in language Italian, English and French, offers the possibility to choose between three types of subscriptions that entitle the rental of the products at a cheaper price and many other benefits. The site also allows you to take advantage of discounts and gift subscriptions both for rentals and subscriptions.