To rent or to buy our designer handbags you can purchase a subscription that will allow you to receive special offers, promotions and take advantage of favorable prices.

Do not wait, realize your dream of owning original luxury handbags and take advantage of the discount.

Subscribers have a priority on the waiting list, the most favorable price in the rental and, in case of sale of a bag, a price lower than non- subscribers.

We offer you the possibility to choose between 3 types of subscriptions that give you the right to lease the luxury bags at a discounted rate:

  • Green subscription for 3 months: € 24,00
  • Silver subscription for 6 months: € 36,00
  • Gold subscription for 12 months: € 48,00

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Discover the Green subscription

Validity: 3 months

€ 24,00

Discover the Silver subscription

Validity: 6 months

€ 36,00

Discover the Gold subscription

Validity: 12 months

€ 48,00